Edmonds SQL Server Consulting

Database administration and data-driven web site development.



Work arrangment:  I can be either on-site in the greater Seattle area, or remotely anywhere in the world.


Fees:  You can choose between one price for a project, hourly consulting, or ongoing subscription-style services. All prices are negotiable and are based on the service level.


Application Services:

  • Migration to cloud-based web applications
  • Subscription based, ongoing IT maintenance
  • Disaster preparation and mitigation
  • Security audit
  • Custom web site development
  • Database performance optimization


Technical Services:

  • Database migration:
    • to a new server
    • upgrade to a new version of SQL Server
    • "P2V" -- physical server to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Access to cloud-based web web application
  • Backup and recovery management:
    • set up a database backup plan
  • Agent job tuning:
    • load balancing
  • Index tuning to improve performance:
    • find and create missing indexes
    • remove unecessary indexes
    • reorganize or rebuild indexes
  • Reporting:
    • create web-based reports
    • design the internal logic for the reports
  • Import and export data
  • Security:
    • manage permissions
    • audit permissions to prevent unauthorized access